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Under the direction of Prof. Jihad Muhammad, ASRI researchers have discovered a Sacred Historic Burial Ground.  It is registered with the State of Louisiana’s Regional Archaeological Program as a direct asset to the Promiseland community portfolio.

The Sacred Historic Burial Ground contains the remains of enslaved laborers from nearby cotton and sugarcane plantations.



Unfortunately, the bones of the first wave of African-Haitian progenitors to St. Martin parish remain nameless and unsung.

Robbed of their names, native tongues, pride, kinships, and self-worth, these enslaved ancestors maintained a strong belief system which was rooted in their ancient African heritage.


cropped-asrithumbnail.pngASRI serves as the voice of advocacy for ancestral rights.  ASRI’s task is to identify African progenitors in America from 1628 to 1895.  ASRI is committed to improving the preservation, conservation, and management of African-American natural resources,  its historic collections, and its biological artifacts by ensuring the continuation and validation of the African legacy to world societies.