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In this narrative, the African Scientific Research Institute  (ASRI) will be used in exchangeable with the term Institute.  

Jean Baptiste Point DeSable Delta Cultural Tourist Trails

The Delta Regional “Jean Baptiste Point DeSable Delta Trails” is the story of the building of America.   It is the story of the African American contributions to the development of the heartland of America from the 1600s to the 20th century.  ASRI shares its research in the previously untold stories of African Americans along the Delta Trail and has developed documentaries and educational videos.   ASRI identified African American entrepreneurs and their products in these historic African American towns and helped make these products available to others.

  • A Donation to ASRI will enable the organization to disseminate these educational materials and make them available to a wider audience.
  • A Donation to ASRI is vital to disseminating the untold history of this region and the African American contribution.
  • Your donation will enable ASRI to disseminate information to aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses in those historic African American towns.
  • A membership in ASRI will contribute to the dissemination through our civic engagement Public Forums Series.

African Scientific Research Institute  

Policy and Civic Engagement Public Forums  


The Institute seeks to build an informed and engaged citizenry in the Mississippi River Delta rural communities by creating opportunities for scholars, concerned citizens, students, elected officials, and the public to actively participate in social discourse and educational programs on pressing policy issues and social trends relevant to Human Ecology investigation.  As technology allows more people to develop new types of relationships with their government, the Institute will capitalize on new tools that technology offers to help create a broadly informed and critically thinking citizenry including web-based, in-person, and blended format seminars, courses, symposia, and open or moderated discussions.

Through a balanced mix of public forums, scholarship, training for new entrepreneurs, e-commerce, and education programs the Institute will become a valuable resource for citizens, elected officials, and students seeking to become more engaged in the policy-making process.  

What we do to advance ASRI interest

With funds the Institute can commit to creating a blended learning environment for all of its activities, which may include the following developing components:

  • Public Forums and Informational Resources
  • Opportunities for citizens to directly engage with policymakers through in-person and online sessions an online video, audio, and text library including both files and links to other web-based information resources on policy issues pertaining to burial grounds  


The Institute seeks to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with a wide range of civic, nonprofit, government agencies

Partnerships with local Universities’ faculty will be developed both for teaching/research purposes to enhance the substantive content of informational resources

How we do it

The Institute is committed to the following important tenets that undergird our activities:

  • The Institute’s forums, programs, and informational resources will be non-partisan, non-biased, and balanced public meetings.
  • Public discussions and educational programming at the Institute will rest upon on a foundation of sound basic and applied research on a broad spectrum of public policy issues.
  • Educational and training programming will be based on lessons and best practices drawn from research.  An active research program on best practices and policy primers for building tourist attractions, public business, and assistance to administrators is a core focus of the Institute services, as it provides valuable content for training programs serving such enterprises.
  • Institute research will be driven by questions raised in the public and educational programs hosted by the ASRI, resulting in research outcomes that directly address the most pressing policy issues of the day.  ASRI will maintain a balance of promoting discourse informed by research and complemented by a rich set of informational resources.

We believe this balance enables the Institute to serve as an effective bridge between the public, government and policymakers, and both formal and informal sources of knowledge, strengthening the democratic fabric within African-Americans rural communities and the states.


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Jihad Muhammad, CEO

African Scientific Research Institute