Haiti America Cultural Economic Connection

Haiti America Cultural Economic Connection

The Trans-Regional economic initiative is an international cultural tourism enterprise that promotes socially conscious travel to significant sites that advance the narratives and cultural contributions of Black American descendants in the America’s. “Jean Baptiste Pointe De Sable Delta Trails” is designed to educate visitors and safeguard the core values and creativity of Black American culture and history while empowering stakeholders to take ownership in affairs of the economy, culture, and language.

Join Us on the Real “Jean-Baptise de Sable Cultural Tourist Trails” (JBDCTT)!

Take a peek at what historical adventures we will explore!  Click on each state to see an example of the historical sites and events that will be exposed and commemorated.


Historic documents point to the fact that French soldiers and pioneers brought enslaved Africans to St. Martin Parish prior to the arrival of French Acadians in 1727.


Pierre LeMoyne, Sieur d’Iberville’s contingent of ships anchored off Ship Island on February 10, 1699, and went ashore three days later at present-day Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Courtesy Mississippi Department of Archives and History


slave_rock_montgomery_county mo
About 80 miles west of St. Louis on I-70 sits “Slave Rock” visible in the median of the interstate, with a name tied to the slave auctions that once occurred at the site


Photo of Cairo, Illinois when African Americans were living prosperously due to expanding industries along the riverbanks.