About the Founder

Dr. Jihad Muhammad

jihad-muhammad-frontYou may have seen Brother Jihad Muhammad around campus wearing an African kufi cap, a skull hat or a brim similar to that of fictional character Indiana Jones.  Dr. Jihad Muhammad is no fictional character. He is UIC’s own larger than life forensic cultural heritage scientist with a specialization in facial reconstruction.  He is also an official US government coin designer. Extremely talented only begins to describe this renaissance brother.

In 1992, Brother Muhammad founded the African Scientific Research Institute (ASRI). This organization conducts world-class research dedicated to tracing the historical footsteps of early Native American and African ancestors, both free and enslaved, which lived in America during 1628-1888.

ASRI offers unique archaeological field schools for primarily Black American youth each summer. The “schools” assist in the forensic investigation of Black American remains.  ASRI has unearthed the remains of slave artifacts in Pembroke, Illinois, and Park, Louisiana. In St. Louis, Missouri, ASRI found the skeletal remains of ASRI-1(female) and ASRI-2(male) which date back to 1740.  Brother Muhammad’s team was able to reconstruct the faces of these enslaved ancestors. The skull and reconstructed face of the male ASRI-2 are pictured above along with Dr. Jihad Muhammad.

In 1999, Brother Muhammad and ASRI began the search for Jean Baptiste de Sable.  The search for Dusable has evolved into a high-quality historical documentary.  See ASRI videos for more info on the award-winning documentary In Search of DuSable by ASIA-MU productions